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SAN DIEGO — A new study shared with FOX 5 from claimed San Diego is the 12th most expensive city to live in the United States with focus placed on the 75 most populous cities in the U.S.

Move is a company founded on helping people make moving easier. A staff compiled of research enthusiasts plans your next move from finding local doctors, schools, studying average rent, food costs, gas expenses and much more — wherever your next stop is.

To calculate each city’s cost of living, Move added the city’s average rent for a one-bedroom apartment to the average costs of utilities, internet, food, and fuel according to

The list seats San Diego at #12 with monthly costs at $2,665.86. Broken down that’s $1,970.93 for rent, $131.66 for utilities, $65.05 for internet, $186.15 for gas and $312.07 for food.

San Francisco came in first place, claiming the tittle for most expensive city to live. The average cost of living in S.F. was set at $4,210.60, according to Move.

The full list can be viewed here.