Street racing suspected in hit-and-run crash

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EL CAJON, Calif. — It’s not very often you find a home that’s been hit by a car 13 times in 27 years.

The house sits on Chase Avenue at Lemon Avenue in El Cajon. The speed limit says vehicles are to drive no faster than 40 miles per hour, but neighbor Angela Sanderlin said that all seems to change late at night.

“It wakes you up from a dead sleep every time,” Sanderlin said. “Especially around that corner. They use it as a straightaway!”

The latest crash happened Sunday around 2:30 a.m. Samantha Rezendez had just picked up her fiancé, James Jones, and was heading home.

“Just before it straightens out, we could hear tires screeching behind us,” Jones said.

“I looked out his mirror, turned my head and before I knew it, just got slammed into,” Rezendez said.

Rezendez said a silver 2000 Mercedes Benz collided with her car, forcing her across all lanes of traffic before slamming into a barrier wall surrounding a home. She said the other driver appeared to be racing someone. After the collision, she said the other driver jumped out of his car, since it was no longer operable, and jumped into the other racer’s vehicle.

According to Rezendez, the collision left Jones with broken ribs and bruises.

The license plate on the Mercedes appeared to Rezendez to be European. No vehicle matching the racing car’s description was reported as stolen, so police say they have a shot at catching whoever was responsible.

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