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SAN DIEGO – Many San Diegans who saw a strange light formation in the sky Thursday were convinced something outside of Earth was responsible.

FOX 5 received multiple pictures and videos showing four to eight lights shifting around in a triangular motion the in sky around 9 p.m. Thursday.  People from Ramona, Pacific Beach, Coronado to Rosarito, Mexico reported seeing the lights.

Some people on social media were speculating that it was drone activity, others were holding the U.S Navy responsible. One person commented that a similar event happened on Monday.

FOX 5 sent video and pictures to military and law enforcement officials in San Diego County.

United States Coast Guard PA2 Joel Guzman confirmed that the military was training Thursday night.

“There were military exercises last night that lit up the sky. I believe it was the Marines,” Guzman said.

“We have reviewed the video. We are not able to tell from the footage what the lights are. Our airfield was open during that time and flight operations were taking place but the information you gave in the email traffic was not enough to confirm or deny if the lights were aircraft from this installation,” 1st Lt. Casey Littesy of MCAS Miramar stated.

Camp Pendleton media specialist CIA Carl Redding told FOX 5 they weren’t aware of the lights, but added, “a flare used would not be seen from the beach to Ramona.”

Military crews at Naval Base San Diego had nothing to do with it, according to PAO Krishna Jackson.

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