Storm chasers unite to give Bill Paxton GPS tribute

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Hundreds of storm chasers paid tribute to the late “Twister” actor Bill Paxton Sunday in a unique coordinated effort.

The Spotter Network used GPS coordinates and to spell out his initials “BP” on a map known as Tornado Alley. They honored Paxton who starred in the disaster movie “Twister.”

The non-profit group of storm chasers has spelled out initials of other chasers, but Sunday’s message was the first non-chaser, according to Associated Press. The movie is credited for inspiring a whole new group of storm chasers.

According to John Wetter, the president of Spotter Network, the people who participated in Paxton’s tribute entered GPS coordinates and did not travel around the center of the map — Wakita, Oklahoma.

Paxton died at age 61.

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