Stingrays out in ‘full force,’ lifeguards warn

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SAN DIEGO — San Diego lifeguards are warning beachgoers that stingrays are out in “full force.”

In a Facebook post Sunday, lifeguards reminded swimmers about the dangers posed by stingrays that lurk off our coast. California round rays lay partly buried in the sand while hunting for small invertebrates and worms in shallow waters, lifeguards said. When the rays are stepped on or threatened, they use a sheathed barb in their tail that is covered in venom and mucus. That serrated barb can puncture skin, causing severe pain.

Lifeguards remind swimmers to shuffle their feet to keep the rays at bay.

If you do get stung, lifeguards advise you to follow these steps:

  1. Stop the bleeding.
  2. Go to the nearest lifeguard.
  3. Soak foot in hot water to deactivate venom.
  4. Keep clean to prevent infection.

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