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OCEANSIDE, Calif. — There may be a Starbucks on every corner, but there is only one in California dedicated to giving jobs to military families.

The Oceanside Starbucks on South Oceanside Blvd. and State Tree Drive is the only one of its kind geared towards helping veterans and military families get into the workforce.

“We do plan on hiring 10,000 veterans, spouses and active military reserve by 2018,” said store manager Michelle Bentley.

For barista, Austin James Farmer, it’s a chance to work on his people skills — something he said he couldn’t do while in the military.

“I meet and work with all kinds of people and it’s been great. It has opened my eyes a lot and gotten me back out there,” said Farmer.

As a Marine veteran, it took Farmer nine months to find a job. It wasn’t until he heard about the military family program at the Oceanside Starbucks that he decided to try something new.

“Because of my military training I thought I was going to be limited to law enforcement or security,” said Farmer. “We are the guys you see running around in the movies and I am a barista at Starbucks. It is the polar opposite of what anyone expected of me.”

“You do meet a lot of peers and spouses who are going through similar situations where they are alone,” said military spouse Sarah Michelle Caudillo, who also works at the store.

The company plans to open at least 10 more similar stores in the coming years.

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