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UPDATE: Officials identify the teen who plowed through an elementary school fence before causing a fatal, wrong-way crash on I-805 Thursday as 18-year-old Trevor Heitmann, a popular YouTube personality known as “McSkillet.”

SAN DIEGO — The driver of an exotic sports car smashed through a gate at an elementary school in Carmel Valley Thursday evening before speeding off and evading capture.

The incident happened shortly after 4 p.m. at Ashley Falls Elementary School, according to San Diego police.

Witnesses say after the driver of a black McLaren slammed through the gate, he got out of the car and smashed a window on a school building.

One witness told FOX 5 he was nearly hit by the car as the driver, whom he described as a teenager, sped out of the campus parking lot.

“I was worried he was going to hit the two people standing at the gate,” Alec Galloway said. “They stood in the middle trying to stop him, doing hand motions but he didn’t stop at all. If they didn’t move they would’ve got run over … he didn’t stop his car, he just kept accelerating and the gate busted open when he hit it.”

No one was injured.

Investigators said they have identified the driver and are looking into several other incidents involving the car.

California Highway Patrol investigators were at the school Thursday night, but officials did not say whether the incident was related to a fiery crash that killed three people approximately thirty minutes later on Interstate 805.