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SAN DIEGO –  Speaker of the House John Boehner is taking heat from several sides after a decision to endorse Republican Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio. The LGBT is upset because Boehner doesn’t stand for marriage equality, while “family values” groups are angry Boehner would endorse an openly-gay Republican.

Speaker Boehner did his best to hide from cameras as he arrived to and left the fundraising event for Carl DeMaio in Mission Bay.

Law enforcement officials and the Secret Service kept watch on wheels, from the water and on foot as protestors stood with signs after allegations of sexual harassment against DeMaio.

Former DeMaio staffer Todd Bosnich claims DeMaio made more than one sexual advance toward him and acted inappropriately on several occasions.

Democratic National Committee member Jess Durfee stood alongside protestors and said, “It’s one of those things voters will have to have in their minds when they go to the polling place.”

DeMaio’s campaign declined interview requests during the fundraiser, but did release a statement to FOX 5.

“Because Congressman Scott Peters is worth $100 million and has the backing of Wall Street PACs, partisan political opponents are just manufacturing drama 25 days before the election to disrupt our efforts to raise the resources we need to get Carl’s positive message out,” said Dave McCulloch, spokesperson for the DeMaio campaign,” Carl DeMaio Campaign Spokesman Dave McCulloch said.

“Let’s get past the silly nonsense and help this county that is in deep trouble,” fundraiser attendee Greg Lansing said.

As he left the $1,000 per plate fundraising event, he seemed in good spirits and said the protestors and their signs didn’t dampen his mood.

“Carl’s awesome and I you don’t use every single bit of what I saw, you’re going to be in trouble,” he laughed.

Though Boehner hid behind tinted windows, attendees said his message to them behind closed doors was powerful.

“It was great to be here just to hear John Boehner use the “G” word…God. I mean he calls them like he sees them. He knows who the boss really is,” fundraising guest Shirley Bard said.

He also know the importance of making a stop in the Golden State before Election Day.

Boehner’s trip to San Diego rounds out a fall tour hitting New York, New England and California in an effort to get more Republicans in the house.

DeMaio’s campaign chose not to release the among of money they raised during Saturday’s event.