Solution to foul smell, mosquitoes due for East County river

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SANTEE, Calif. — Relief could be on the way for residents in Santee who have had issues with the foul odor and mosquitoes surrounding parts of the river in town.

Just west of Mast Park in the area of Mission Creek, the river is scenic but still. That standing water means a lack of oxygen and a list of issues.

“Things like the odor problems. You also might have nuisance vegetation not native to the area. In those kinds of habitats you get the mosquito breeding grounds,” explained Shannon Quigley-Raymond with the San Diego River Park Foundation.

Fish kills have also happened in the creek six of the last 10 years.

Now the non-profit is joining forces with the city of Santee to improve all those problems by installing aeration devices in the water. The devices work just like bubblers in fish tanks. They mix the water and help provide the right amount of oxygen, just on a much larger scale in the San Diego river.

The first project of its kind in San Diego was installed in Mission Valley in 2017.

Those spearheading similar efforts in Santee believe their location could be even more successful.The project is still in the permitting phase, but once approved, residents could see it installed within the next year.

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