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SAN DIEGO — New water restrictions are bumming out some beachgoers across San Diego County and the rest of the state.

California State Parks officials Wednesday ordered all outdoor showers and rinse stations at state beaches to shut down to help save water during the drought.

The move is expected to save 18 million gallons of water each year.

The restrictions affect seven beaches in San Diego County.

One mother said her young son got a rash after a visit to Cardiff State Beach and wanted to rinse off.

“He said, ‘Mom, the shower’s not turned on.’ We scrambled to find bottles to get the salt water off,” said Isabelle Baril.

State parks workers said many of the shower stations at San Diego County beaches have had leaking issues.

“With the shutoff, we’ll be able to redo and maintain some of these showers that have long given us problems,” said Cory Hawkins, a state park interpreter.