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SAN DIEGO — Officials issued a shark advisory after a reported shark sighting in La Jolla Tuesday afternoon.

Witnesses say they spotted a shark in the water consuming a seal. The shark was reportedly five feet in length, according to witnesses.

After hearing multiple reports, lifeguards with San Diego Fire-Rescue issued the shark advisory for a 2.5 mile stretch from The Mushroom House to the area referred to as Flat Rock — which is also called Bathtub Rock — Monica Munoz with San Diego Fire-Rescue confirmed.

While a five-foot shark is not considered a significant threat, the number of witnesses and the feeding behavior prompted the advisory, according to a statement from the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.

“We either have two separate sightings in the same general vicinity (one shark and one sea lion), or the witnesses all saw a sea lion feeding on a fish but perceived it as a shark,” Munoz said. “We are acting out of an abundance of caution.”