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SAN DIEGO – Almost 2,000 people attended an event Monday night kicking off a week of meetings aimed at raising awareness of and preventing sexual assaults at San Diego State University.

The SDSU Greek community and the university’s health promotion staff launched the initiative.

Guest speaker Jessica Yaffa, of “No Silence, No Violence,” said campus officials hope the series of meetings will promote a frank discussion and “create a safe space for students to feel that they can come forward and talk about these issues without fear of judgment or shame or guilt or repercussions.”

During the fall semester, 13 sexual assaults were reported in and around SDSU.

Emily Marsden, a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, said the Greek community is being blamed for the wave of sexual assault, but the problem is much broader than that.

“It’s not just a Greek Problem. It’s a campus problem. It’s a national problem,” Marsden said. “As Greeks, we have an ability to really get the message out there.”