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SAN DIEGO – A person slipped past security and boarded a San Diego flight bound for Seattle Monday morning, according to a frustrated passenger.

Patrick Hunt posted a picture to Twitter Monday around 10 a.m. showing passengers boarding an Alaska Airlines plane at San Diego International Airport. He also added a photo that appeared to show a security official escorting someone off the plane.

“Thanks @TSA for letting one passenger slip by security at SD airport and allowing them on our plane. Some of us should have no issue changing out plans because you didn’t do your job. Thanks!” Hunt posted.

Airport Authority officials confirmed there was a security breach. They said that a passenger disregarded instructions from a TSA officer and left the inspection area before his security screening had been completed. The passenger then boarded the Alaska Airlines plane. TSA agents contacted police, who removed the passenger from the plane. TSA agents then swept the plane with a dog trained in detecting explosives as a precaution. When they found nothing, the plane flight was allowed to proceed.

FOX 5 confirmed that the flight to Seattle took off after a temporary delay.