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SAN DIEGO – A skydiver was injured after making a hard landing during a U.S. Navy training exercise in Jamul Tuesday morning – the second parachuting emergency reported in less than a week.

Cal Fire firefighters were seen in a field near Otay Lakes Road around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. An ambulance took a man in his 30s to Sharp Memorial Hospital with moderate injuries.

According to another skydiver, members of the U.S. Navy were skydiving in the area when one of them had a slight control issue during landing. He made a hard landing and was expected to be fine, a witness told FOX 5.

The equipment functioned properly, according to another skydiver.

“If you pull down too much too soon – you’ll stall. You can come down a little hard. I didn’t see it but that’s what I understand happened,” said Kevin McGrew with Skydiving San Diego.

An instructor for Skydive San Diego was hospitalized over the weekend after she rescued a student who was experiencing a mid-fall issue. She was able to help the student, but ended up making a hard landing, according to her coworker.

The unidentified instructor broke her leg and ankle.

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