Second border breach in 2 days nets 62 migrant arrests

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SAN DIEGO — A day after video captured 52 Central American migrants crossing into the United States through a breach in the border fence near Border Field State Park, border agents say 10 more people crossed over in the same spot.

Even as a lone U.S. Border Patrol agent’s siren blared Thursday afternoon, dozens broke through the border wall Thursday afternoon and made a run for it.

“Agents, we do work here by ourselves primarily. In a vehicle by ourselves. It’s not uncommon for an agent to be patrolling an area — 3 to 5 miles of the border — by himself or herself,” Border Patrol Agent Justin Castrejon said.

More agents were able to respond to the area ahead of the migrants and eventually stopped all 52 migrants. Agents say this happened about 15 minutes after and about 300 yards from the initial breach. The group included 23 men, 12 women and 17 juveniles, ages 1 to 14. Officials say once apprehended by agents, all claimed asylum.

On Friday, 10 more migrants slipped through the same break in the barrier and made it into the U.S. but were eventually stopped and taken into custody, according to Border Patrol.

Border Patrol says the breach has now been repaired to prevent further illegal entries.

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