SAN DIEGO — Hopping on a snowmobile is about to become a lot easier for San Diegans.

SeaWorld is set to launch Artic Rescue, a new ride that takes thrill seekers on a chilly adventure at speeds up to 40 mph through an unpredictable climate.

Launching in the Spring of 2023, the Artic Rescue extends 2,800 feet with three separate launches that gradually increase in speed. This family-friendly ride is the fastest and longest straddle coaster on the entire West Coast, according to SeaWorld.

As the Artic faces rising climate changes at three times the rate as the rest of the planet, SeaWorld’s new coaster encourages action to help protect wildlife facing these challenges.

“We’re continuously looking for ways to add new experiences to the park for our guests and this new coaster is a great addition to our ride line-up and a perfect complement to the Wild Arctic exhibit,” said Jim Lake, SeaWorld San Diego Park President. “The ride is also an educational opportunity for guests to learn more about climate change, how it impacts animals in the Arctic and what they can do to help the issue. I truly feel that seeing these animals up-close at SeaWorld allows guests to build a stronger connection and encouragement to take action to help protect them.”

Riders of the new Artic Rescue will voyage an immersive experience into dipping banks and up glides as tall as 30 feet while trying to save the animals in danger.

There’s good news for annual passholders. Exclusive ride times to Artic Rescue will be available to SeaWorld Pass Members before the excursion officially opens to the public.

This could be another must-do attraction for San Diego coaster enthusiast and tourist visiting America’s Finest City.