SeaWorld ditches plastic at park restaurants

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Biodegradable Tableware SAN DIEGO – SeaWorld San Diego announced Tuesday it has eliminated polystyrene foam tableware and plastic flatware at its restaurants and employee cafeterias.

Polystyrene foam products are not biodegradable. They pile up in landfills or get scattered on beaches or oceans, harming marine life, SeaWorld officials said.

SeaWorld says the conservation move will have a positive impact because it serves millions of meals in the park each year.

“SeaWorld is proud to be a responsible steward of the environment, not just here in our park, but in the oceans and the world we share,” said John Reilly, president of the park. “We hope our actions will inspire others to take similar steps that, combined, can make a huge difference.”

The park stopped handing out plastic shopping bags two years ago.

SeaWorld now uses bowls and plates made of molded fibers, flatware made of cornstarch and hot cups from recycled paper. All are biodegradable.

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