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LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles’ new football stadium will play host to both the Rams and Chargers when it opens in 2020, and fans of the teams will pay as much as $100,000 for a license to season tickets in the most prized seats.

That’s the quoted price of a Rams licensing fee for some premium seating areas — a one-time fee that fans will pay in addition to the individual ticket price of each game, which is $375.

Chargers games in the most coveted seating areas will cost a $75,000 one-time licensing fee, with individual games costing an additional $350.

The lowest license prices revealed this week for the premium seats, which include access to stadium clubs and other perks, were $15,000 for the Rams and $10,000 for the Chargers.

The teams announced the new prices on Wednesday, with a promise of more details to come.

A Rams spokesperson reported that a license for the cheapest seats in the stadium could cost less than $1,000. The Chargers have not released details on non-premium seating.

LA’s newest team did announce that they intend to repay the licensing fee to fans, however — in 50 years. The team said that they intend to repay license holders in the year 2068, in a move that they said makes “what has previously been a sale into a deposit.”

In the Chargers press release, the team called the practice of selling season ticket licenses “one of the vehicles enabling the construction” of the state-of-the-art new stadium, currently called Hollywood Park.

Season ticket licenses are a familiar practice in the NFL — the San Francisco 49ers offered season ticket licenses as high as $80,000 when their new stadium opened in 2014; the Atlanta Falcons charged $45,000 for the most expensive licenses in their new stadium last season.