SDSU lands on dangerous college list

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SAN DIEGO — Students at San Diego State University are taking issue with a Business Insider article that ranks SDSU among the top 10 most dangerous campuses in the country.

Many college students consider SDSU paradise, so the ranking came as a big surprise to the Aztecs.

“I don’t think it’s really dangerous. I’ve never had a problem,” freshman Jordan Weeks said.

“I feel safe pretty much every day during the day,” junior Robyn Corcoran said. “But if I have a night class where I’m out at like 9:30 p.m. or something you kind of have to hustle your way home.”

SDSU is No. 7 on the list. Business insider used FBI crime data during a three-year period to come up with the rankings.

The site looked at schools with more than 10,000 students and then weighed violent and property crime.

SDSU averaged 27 violent incidents a year and 575 reports of property crime.

Those numbers came as a big surprise to freshman Amara Cusella.

“It’s really surprising,” Cusella said. “I see police every night just patrolling. I feel pretty safe when I walk around campus.”

Business Insiders Top 10 Most Dangerous Colleges:

  1. UCLA
  2. New Mexico State University
  3. Berkley
  4. Duke
  5. Florida A&M University
  6. Vanderbilt University
  7. SDSU
  8. University of New Mexico
  9. University of South Alabama
  10. LSU

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