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NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — A man is sharing a message of thanks to a stranger who helped pull his father and mother from the wreckage of a burning car Wednesday.

The collision happened around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in National City, at the intersection of 8th Street and Plaza Boulevard at Paradise Valley Road.

The two cars were heading east on 8th Street, turning north onto Plaza, when one of the cars may have cut the corner. It collided with the other car, which ended up upside down in the middle of the intersection.

Martin Barraza, a field technician for SDG&E, quickly sprung into action and safely pulled the couple from the wreckage.

“They were in shock. You could tell they were in shock,” he told FOX 5. “When the car was smoking they started panicking so I said wait minute I’ll get my fire extinguisher.”

Paramedics treated the man at the scene; the woman was able to walk on her own. According to their son, Bobby Famisan, his mom is okay. His father’s injuries are more serious but both should be fine.

Famisan shared this invitation to the stranger that may have saved his fathers life: “Mr. Barraza, come have dinner with me.  I really appreciate it. I want to thank you again. Good people like you make this world.  Thank you.”