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VISTA, Calif. — Low-income students and their parents are off the hook after two people agreed to pay off the outstanding lunch debts at three North County elementary schools.

Parents at Beaumont, Maryland, and Olive elementary schools in Vista will not need to pay back the lunch money they owed, thanks to the combined donation of about $600, and that’s a relief to the principals as well.

“A lot of times we have to do calls. Part of my roll or job is to help our kitchen department inform families about outstanding balances,” said Olive Elementary’s principal, Stephanie Vasquez.

Now she will be making a different kind of call.

“To be able to make a different call and say that the debt is paid off is a phenomenal feeling, and they can feel that relief. It’s a great feeling on both sides of the conversation,” said Vasquez.

One of the donors helping to pay off the debt wants to remain anonymous. The other is a school district employee who is on medical leave because of a health condition Her name is Isabel Xochihua, and she said she wanted to challenge the idea that there is no such thing as a free lunch.