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SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Zoo’s new baby hippopotamus is healthy, happy and pretty darn adorable.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports the 70-pound female calf was born Saturday and is alert, active and eating well. The baby is the ninth offspring of hippo momma Funani since she arrived at the zoo in 1995.

“The new calf from the get-go has been active and keeping Funani on her toes,” Jennifer Chapman, the zoo’s senior wildlife care specialist, wrote in an email to the newspaper. “Funani definitely has her hands full with this one.”

The calf was fathered by a hippo named Otis from East Africa. He was brought to the zoo in 2009 to breed with Funani. The parents and the baby are the zoo’s only hippos.

Funani’s other eight calves. have been moved to other institutions.

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