Local woman on Philadelphia flight targeted by bomb threat speaks

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NEW YORK – A Chula Vista woman was a passenger on US Air Flight #648, one of several U.S. planes targeted for a bomb threat on Tuesday.

Denise Medrano spoke to FOX 5 only from the safety of her final destination in Manhattan.

“It felt a little far-fetched. I guess I didn’t feel the threat," said Medrano.

Denise actually shot cell phone video of her and other passengers as they evacuated from the Airbus 320.

“There wasn’t too much of a hysteria except for a few people there,” said Medrano.

Minutes earlier, the plane from San Diego had touched down at Philadelphia International Airport. Denise was just waking up from the red-eye.

“The captain let us know that he was unaware there was a bomb threat,” said Denise. “It was almost like a dream, quite surreal.”

It was no dream -- reality quickly set in.

“Poor gal next to me was just freaking out, she was ready to jump out the window,” said Denise.

Denise jumped on social media and began posting about her experience. On her Facebook page, she wrote:

“Bomb threat made on our plane, patiently waiting for authorities to give us clearance. Going back to bed.”

She didn’t sleep for long because she and other passengers were removed from the plane.

“I was like, is this really happening? I was more really in shock, like am I really getting evacuated out of plane because of a possible bomb threat?” said Medrano.

The threat turned out to be hoax, one of several phoned-in threats authorities received Tuesday.

Looking back, Denise said for only a moment, she thought about if it were real.

“If it’s a bomb threat, it’s going to be quick. It’s not something that would be painful, I guess,” said Denise.

She said the threat was never enough to scare her, perhaps thanks to the sleepless hours of the red-eye flight.

“In all honesty, I was so tired from the trip I didn’t necessarily react to much to it,” laughed Denise. “I took it for what it was and luckily it was just an outcome where everything turned out OK.”

Medrano said Tuesday’s bomb threat hasn’t changed her feelings about flying.

“I think TSA does a good job of screening,” said Denise. “If anyone really wanted to do anything, where there’s a will, there a way.”

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