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SAN DIEGO — A US Navy sailor based locally is speaking out after learning his sister was killed by a police officer in her Texas home.

Adarius Carr said he is bewildered by the actions of the police officer who allegedly shot and killed his sister, Atatiana Jefferson, 28.

“This man murdered someone. He should be arrested,” Adarius Carr said, breaking down in tears.

As a 12-year member of the military, “I’ve been trained and taught there are preplanned responses to everything you do,” he said. “And when you don’t do it the way you’ve been trained, or the way you’ve been taught, you have to answer to that. … You know better.”

The killing has sparked national outrage, as Texans mourn the death of another black person at home by a white officer.

Friday night, Atiana stayed up late to play video games with her nephew. They played Call of Duty into the wee hours of Saturday morning.

After weeks of searing weather, they decided to enjoy the crisp autumn air, opening the doors to allow the breeze to flow through the house.

Around 2:25 a.m., a concerned neighbor noticed the doors to the house were open. He called a non-emergency police number to ask for a safety check at Jefferson’s house.

Body camera footage shows an officer peering through two open doors, but he doesn’t knock or announce his presence. Instead, he keeps walking around the perimeter of the house, including through a closed gate.

Inside the house, the boy was terrified, family members said. The two believed there was a prowler in their backyard.

Eventually, the officer approaches a window, shining a flashlight into what appears to be a dark room.

“Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” the officer screams. He does not identify himself as police.

Within two seconds of starting his verbal commands, the officer fires a shot through the window while he’s in the middle of saying “show me” for the second time.

Jefferson was pronounced dead minutes later.

Fort Worth police said the officer fired his gun after “perceiving a threat.”

Jefferson’s family said police took the life of a woman committed to helping others.

“Service is real big for our family,” Adarius Carr said. “We want to give back to this world. We want to make it a better place.”