San Diego ranks 5th-most in dog attacks on mail carriers

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SAN DIEGO — The US Postal Service published a report on the number of mail carriers attacked by dogs in major cities across the country today, and San Diego ranked fifth-most.

Dogs attacked 46 San Diego letter carriers in 2017, USPS said. That was more attacks than in Baltimore, Chicago, Denver and Seattle.

โ€œThe totals are still too high,” said SD Service Safety Director Linda DeCarlo, “but weโ€™re confident that with continuing education and dog bite prevention training, along with advancing technology, we can keep more people safe and keep attacks trending downward.โ€

Nationwide, the number of attacks on mail carriers decreased by more than 500. San Diego’s total decreased as well, down from 57 in 2017.

DeCarlo said one measure that’s helping to prevent more dog attacks is the service’s Package Pickup app, which asks customers to indicate whether they have dogs at their address when they schedule pickups.

USPS also asked dog owners to place their pets in a separate room before opening the door for deliveries, and to remind children and other family members to do the same.

Cleveland, St. Louis and Los Angeles each had more attacks than San Diego, and Houston’s 71 attacks earned them the title of mail carrier dog bite capital in 2017.

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