SAN DIEGO — Among those killed in the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, 17 more were wounded and still recovering.  

One of the survivors of the tragedy, 9-year-old Kendall Olivarez, was shot on her left shoulder and hit by bullet fragments in her right leg and tailbone.

Kendall was taken to the University Hospital in San Antonio, where she has had two surgeries and is scheduled to have her third this weekend.

“She is honestly really sad, the family is doing a lot of processing. It’s been a really tough, terrible few days,” said Melissa Abeyta, Olivarez’s cousin.

Abeyta grew up in San Diego, is a San Diego State University alum and recently moved to Texas to be an assistant professor at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. 

Abeyta will be visiting Olivarez in San Antonio this weekend and is collecting get-well messages for her. She’s already received cards from her daughter’s fourth grade classroom.  

“Hopefully something to cheer her up, and let her know she is not alone and has a lot of people who are rooting for her and wishing her a well recovery,” Abeyta said.

The family has also set up a GoFundMe to help with her long road to recovery.

“This is really going to affect them and they are going to have to continue to go to San Antonio for follow-up appointments. This is going to be long-lasting for a while,” Abeyta said.

If you would like to send Kendall a get-well message, you can add it here. Abeyta will share the messages with Kendall this weekend.