San Diego mayoral candidates debate housing crisis


SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Association of Realtors hosted a mayoral debate Friday evening on the housing crisis, discussing ways to curb the high cost of housing. 

Assemblyman Todd Gloria focused on building middle income homes and trying to do away with runaway rents. 

“Rent control, I don’t support it. A rent cap, I think, is a reasonable alternative to address escalating cost … 5% plus inflation, basically 8% on an annual basis,” he said.

“[Todd Gloria] will tell you it’s rent stabilization. It’s rent control,” said councilwoman and mayoral candidate Barbara Bry.

Bry says building low income housing is the way forward. 

Republican mayoral candidate Scott Sherman says the free market should determine the price of housing and the government should cut permit costs, allowing builders to sway the housing prices with supply and demand.

“I don’t like it — politicians and legislators tell me what a reasonable return or a rate of return on a property is. Market should dictate what happens there,” Sherman said.

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