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SAN DIEGO — Taylor Ramos has a chance to boost the soccer fortunes of an entire nation after receiving a simple letter.

In October, the Philippine Football Federation invited her to Fullerton for a week-long tryout for the Filipino national team. The 16-year-old Ramos, who stands just 5-feet, 1-inch, saw it as the biggest opportunity of her young life.

“It’s such an honor to be a part of that,” Ramos said. “Just to make my heritage proud, being a Filipino and representing that is such an honor and any way I could do that is really great.”

Ramos can attend the tryouts which run from November 15-22 because three of her grandparents were born and raised in the Philippines.

If Ramos makes the 23-member team, she would be one of the youngest competitors in the upcoming LA Vikings Cup, which features the Philippines National Team, the Trinidad & Tobago Women’s National Team, the LA Vikings and the California Cosmos.

“I would love to make it,” Ramos said. “I always expect highly of myself and the best of myself, so to make it would be really great.”

Ramos started playing soccer at the age of four and her mother said she knew right away that this would be Taylor’s sport.

“I knew there was something about her because when she was kicking in my belly, it certainly translated when she was born and on the field,” said Maile Ramos. “She never stopped kicking and I think that’s her destiny.”

Ramos, who lives in south San Diego, plays midfield for the elite San Diego Surf Soccer Club in Del Mar. She also attends Coronado High School and the junior has helped the Islanders win back-to-back CIF Section championships.

But she says a chance to build the Filipino National team and play at the international level, and maybe even face the United States, would top it all.

“That would just be really interesting and really amazing to play against all those players that I see watching on TV,” Ramos said. “I don’t know how it would be. I would probably be in shock.”

But also very proud.