SAN DIEGO — Thousands of people are making their way back home as this holiday weekend wraps up.

“I flew into Las Vegas Sunday morning, just the normal getting ready from Indianapolis,” said Tracey Bolin, a traveler.

“I took off and drove from Sunday to Tuesday, Indianapolis from Vegas, picked her up, drove the rest of the way here,” said Steve Bolin, a traveler.

Some travelers are combining driving and flying to make the most of their weekend.

The Bolin’s needed to drive a truck to their son at Camp Pendelton. They are flying back home to Indianapolis.

“A lot of different weather and a lot different experience across, but it was great,” Steve said.

“We flew from Texas straight to the Bay Area, just me and my wife. We had our son drive our daughters to get them there,” said Gilbert Gomes, returning home to San Diego with his two daughters.

Gomes is now back home from his flight out of San Jose.

“Actually, it was good. I expected a lot more traffic, a lot more delays. We didn’t have that experience at all,” Gomes said.

Airport travel is making up for lost travel. The TSA predicts 2.5 million Americans will fly Sunday, inching closer to pre-pandemic numbers.

Click here to view TSA numbers.

“It wasn’t too bad. It was very busy, a little more chaotic — holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without chaotic-ness,” said Ayleen Millan, who will travel back to Minnesota and also works at the airport there.

Holiday times also comes with some hiccups. Flight Aware, the flight tracking system, shows more than 5,000 flights are delayed across the U.S., while more than 2,000 are cancelled. Click here to view Flight Aware.

“A lot of people don’t have patience, but I get it. Traveling during the holidays, you don’t want to be travelling, unless you’re going somewhere nice. It hasn’t been too bad. Working as a customer service agent, get good days and bad days and good customers and bad customers,” Millan said.