San Diegan overcomes tongue cancer to sing again

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SAN DIEGO — Doctors told Jason David to prepare for the worst.

After his tongue cancer diagnosis spread to different parts of his body, the Bonita resident was warned he may never speak, sing, eat or even walk again.

Three years after that diagnosis, David is not only cancer-free, but singing and preaching again, too.

It all began in March of 2016 when his tongue began hurting. He reluctantly visited the doctor, who informed him he had stage 3 tongue cancer. In denial, David ignored the diagnosis until his entire body was under attack. David says it turns out, a chemical was also being released into his body, affecting his throat and hips, causing him to be in excruciating pain and unable to walk.

Surgery was completed and 20% of David’s tongue was removed, along with half his lymph nodes. He received the green light to go home.

A month later, he rushed to the hospital again after feeling the same painful sensation on his tongue. The cancer had returned and it was spreading faster into his neck. He underwent a 15-hour surgery in which 60% more of his tongue was removed and the rest of his lymph nodes were taken out. David had to complete eight weeks of chemotherapy as well as 35 rounds of radiation.

The pain and sleepless nights that followed sent him into a deep depression. One night in the hospital, he contemplated taking his own life. It was then that his wife of two-and-a-half years, Alyson, walked in and began to sing to him. She told FOX 5 it was her strength and faith in God that carried her through the process of being his support system.

David says the night she sang, she saved his life. Instead of taking his life, he fell asleep for the first time in 3 days. He told FOX 5 when he woke up he felt at peace, sure he was going to defeat the cancer and symptoms that came along with it. He found hope, a will to survive, and purpose in each day he was given to live.

When he was released from the hospital, David turned to his faith and continued preaching at Bonita Valley Community Church. It wasn’t long before he began singing again.

“These Walls” a song he wrote and performed for the first time at his church, has a video that went viral, gaining millions of views.

In May 2019, he was declared cancer-free. Since then, he has come out with more Christian music, worked on a gospel album and started rapping again. This past summer, he was also nominated for artist of the year for the San Diego Prestige Awards.

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