Salvage company to tow stranded fishing boat out of sea cave

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SAN DIEGO – Five days after a 26-foot-fishing boat became stuck in a cave near Point Loma, plans are being made to tow it out.

“We’re putting together a plan,” said Capt. Tony Olson with Tow Boat U.S. San Diego. “We know the cave pretty well.”

Olson helps run a salvage boat that’s been tasked with hauling the $250,000 boat out of the cave. A Mayday call to San Diego lifeguards went out around midnight Thursday after two fisherman fell asleep with the boat on autopilot. They woke up inside the cave.

“I’ve never done a job like this,” Olson said. “Never inside a cave. Sunday we were able to see a little piece of it right over there,” Olson pointed out.

Olson said Thursday will be the best shot to get the boat out. “The swells have been our biggest challenge, creating a surf at the entrance of the cave,” he said.

Olson said if they do finally get inside, getting the boat out will still be a challenge, because part of it has broken off and the boat itself now sits on the rocks.

“There’s a rock shelf the boat has to come up and over. So, we have to re-float the sunk boat inside the cave and get it up and over that and to the surf,” Olson explained.

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