Runaway U-Haul drags woman across street, pins her to wall

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SAN DIEGO — A woman trying to stop a runaway U-Haul was dragged across the street by the truck and ended up pinned against a wall Saturday morning.

A U-Haul box truck started rolling down the street near Cervantes Avenue and South Valencia Parkway in the Valencia Park area around 7:30 a.m., San Diego Fire-Rescue Batt. Chief Brian Raines said. As the truck rolled a way, the woman tried to hop back in and stop it.

Instead, she got stuck on the truck as it rolled across the street and into a front yard, Raines said. The truck hit a fire hydrant, sending a geyser of water into the air, and then slammed into a parked car and a small wall.

The woman ended up pinned between the U-Haul and the wall. Firefighters arrived and had to deal with a “precarious situation”: Moving the box truck could potentially put more pressure on the woman’s body, hurting her further, Raines explained.

Eventually rescuers were able to secure the U-Haul and use hydraulic rams to push the wall apart from the truck — all under the spray of the fire hydrant, which city workers had to come to shut down.

The woman was freed and put in an ambulance. She was taken to the hospital but her injuries were not considered life-threatening, Raines said.

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