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SAN DIEGO — A retired Border Patrol agent was arrested Thursday on allegations he embezzled money he seized from at least one person.

Daniel Esqueda, 50, of San Diego, was indicted by a federal grand jury in May and arrested Thursday morning.

Federal prosecutors allege Esqueda embezzled a sum of $1,000 or more and made false statements regarding how much money he seized.

The indictment claims that in one instance, he falsely stated that he seized $10 from a person identified only as V.S., while knowingly pocketing the remainder of the seized funds for personal use.

“This kind of alleged criminal conduct victimizes not just those affected by this particular theft but the overall reputation of the agency and the many diligent, ethical agents who work hard every day to protect our border,” U.S. Attorney Robert Brewer said.

Esqueda made his initial court appearance before a San Diego federal judge Thursday, and is due back in court Aug. 19 for a motions hearing.