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SAN DIEGO – Some consider the area one of the most prime pieces of real estate in San Diego. The old Jessup Estate sits on a lot overlooking San Diego Bay and could be the future of $3 million homes.

Marcie Rothman lives in the neighborhood below Jessup Estate and joined 700 other residents Monday to form the grassroots organization “Preserve Point Loma.” The group is getting ready to take on a big battle against the developer of Point Loma Summit.   They call the development a bad idea.

“We’ve been gathering our strength and have gone full tilt,” said Rothman.  “That’s sandstone. It slips and slides and if you’re going to start doing work up there, what happens? Earth starts coming down the hill… where? Here.”

The group said there is also a problem with emergency access.

“You can’t get a fire truck up there,” said Brad Elander, former state of California Fire chief. He was brought in to survey and evaluate the site.

“You’re going to have to have the fire truck parked at the bottom of the road and the take all the oxygen and medical equipment up to the scene. That’s not going to work,” said Elander.

“The plan is to build three 3,000 square foot homes here,” said Moody.

He told Fox 5 neighbors are concerned the developer has adjusted property lines to fit in the future homes. Moody said it’s already dangerous the homes would be cliffhangers, but the ground they will be built on is already eroding away.

“The houses are going to be closer together and they’re going to be closer to the edge of the hillside, closer to my property,” said Moody. “You can see the cliff it’s constantly eroding my backyard fence that was originally up there is gone and the second fence is about ready to come down.”

Previously, the Peninsula Planning Commission unanimously defeated the plan, but the San Diego City Planning Commission has recommended it for approval. The City Council will take up the issue Monday, February 9.

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