Residents fight Port’s proposal to develop Point Loma trail

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SAN DIEGO — Residents are pushing back against the Port of San Diego’s draft proposal to develop the area close to the La Playa trail into a more robust thoroughfare.

The plan is proposing to bring benches and public bathrooms to the trail. 

“These are resources that we use. These are our public beaches. We use them as parks in this part of town and we will have limited access because instead, the tourist will have the access,” said resident Kate Evans, who is leading the fight against the master plan.

“It changes the whole vibe of the area. I just don’t know why they need to do it,” said Mike Mora, a real estate agent. 

Other proposals in the master plan describe a need for major growth development in hotels in the area and more restaurants. 

“We are glad the community is engaging in the process. This is our whole purpose for putting out the discussion draft,” said Brianne Page, a spokeswoman for the Port of San Diego.

The master plan is expected to be finalized in 2021. 

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