Resident Evil Live Action Rant!

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When you search for the definition of the word “nerd” on the Internet, chances are this is the definition you might come across:
Per Dictionary:
Definition of NERD:
: an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person;<em>especially</em> : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits

We are half way through the thirteenth year of the millennium. I would say that definition of the word “NERD” is outdated. Why? Because “NERD” is the new “COOL.” If you’re a “nerd,” you’re part of the “in” crowd, the cool people.

And you know what? Zombies, post-apocalyptic hysteria, and sci-fi horror…that’s cool.

Enough of the formal banter; it’s now on to the fun stuff.  Zombies. I have a strange attraction to the entire genre. For this particular post, I’m going to chat about the live-action, video game inspired franchise of RESIDENT EVIL. (My homage to THE WALKING DEAD will be in a future post).

My first experience with Resident Evil was back in late 1997 when my parents bought the first generation Sony Playstation game console for us kids.  Along with it, a few games were purchased.  The games that were purchased were Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 2, and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut.  My brother played the first two games.  I took my chances with the third one.


The first thing I realized was that I had absolutely no gaming prowess whatsoever. As a matter of fact (to my parents’ and grandma’s dismay), my little brother beat the game-more than once. However, I was taken in with how the story played out from both Chris Redfield’s and Jill Valentine’s arcs. I wanted to know more. I needed to know where the rest of the story was going.

Fast forward to the year 2002.  The highly anticipated release of the live action motion picture RESIDENT EVIL came out in theaters starring the lovely Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element, Ultra Violet, The Three Musketeers). Milla was to play the role of Alice, an operative/agent for the Umbrella Corporation. I already anticipated that the movie wouldn’t be fully aligned with the video game, but I was hoping to at least see the characters of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield be incorporated into the plot line in some shape or form for the very first installment of the movie series.  Nope, that wasn’t the case. The creation of the mansion was spot on though-gotta love good scenery.

Contrary to criticism from the hardcore game lovers, I enjoyed the first installment, then the second, then the third, then the fourth (there’s a bit of a bias with my rationale for liking that one. Wentworth Miller a.k.a Michael Scofield from Fox’s Prison Break-was picked up to portray Chris Redfield. His portrayal of the character was reminiscent of his role in Prison Break-which was fitting considering that the setting of RE4:Afterlife was in a prison.) Then, Resident Evil Retribution was released last summer.

From the first installment, to Apocalypse, then Extinction, there was still a level of zombie integrity. It was already notable that the undead were going through a strain of mutations as the first three movies progressed.  Nevertheless, you still had some of the “traditional” undead population lingering about. The look, the mannerisms, and of course-the hunger for flesh were still in the mix. And despite my fan-girl bias (Wentworth Miller!!) for liking RE4, the story just became unreal, unlikely, and extremely far-fetched. A gigantic monster that was as big as the prison itself trying to knock down the gate with an ax? Director Anderson surely has an active imagination.

Resident Evil Retribution essentially lost the symbolic and traditional zombie. The foes were now weapon toting, vehicle riding monsters that were after Alice, Leon, Luther, and the rest of the recovery team.  But the incorporation of a clone factory beyond Alice…that was odd. The re-integration of Jill Valentine two movies after her role in Apocalypse was also tad off-setting, but the action scenes made up for that. (Kudos to Milla Jovovich and Sienna Guillory for putting on one hell of a fight).

A sixth installment was green-lighted for the RE live action movie franchise.  It is slated for a 2014 release and it is said to be the final installment of this franchise. I intend on watching it. Considering how Retribution ended, it would be interesting to see how Director Anderson decides to end the story of Alice. There will no doubt be amazing action (especially since Wesker injected the T-Virus into Alice again), state-of-the-art effects, and a killer soundtrack to boot.

Will Jill be part of the team?
Are Ada and Leon more than just colleagues?
What killer weapons will Alice be using this time around?
For those that care…we’ll just have to wait and see in 2014.

P.S. Milla Jovovich takes great care in preparing for her role of Alice. She has actually trained in a few fighting styles such as Krav Maga! Gotta love an actress that can make fighting sexy and strong at the same time!

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