Researchers claim age-reversal is in our future

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SAN DIEGO – What would it be like to go back 20 years? We’re just years away from actually being able to reverse aging, according to researchers.

Bill Faloon, the co-founder of Life Extension, has spent much of his life working on bettering health and age.

“We now of the conventional people understanding the prospect of immortality is here,” said Faloon.

That’s the message researchers brought to thousands of people from all over the world who traveled to San Diego to discuss the longevity movement.

“What I predict is going to happen in the next 10 to 12-year period…is going to demonstrate significant age reversal,” Faloon said. “Making older people grow biologically younger via interventions that are working in the laboratory animals and are being translated into human studies.”

Researchers said doing things like stem cell therapy and putting youthful blood and plasma in older bodies may lead to fixing the damage that comes with aging.

“There’s no one magic bullet. It means you have to do a whole bunch of things jointly, and it’s the cumulative effect of fixing all of the various types of damage that does the trick,” said Aubrey De Grey, an author and biomedical gerontologist. “Not necessarily fixing all the damage, but fixing enough of it to roll back the clock and buy time.”

People from all over the world are attending this year’s RAADfest in San Diego in hopes of learning how to live longer and better.

“I’m just looking forward to being active, being able to hike up mountains and basically doing stuff with my grandkids,” one attendee told FOX 5.

“I’m not convinced that immortality in the physics body is possible, but I am staying open to the possibility that we could live into maybe up to 200 years,” another attendee said.

RAADfest will be in San Diego through Sunday.

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