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SAN DIEGO — A number of residents in San Diego County are having a hard time finding a place to call home.

One family told FOX 5 they are looking to move from Valley Center to Vista, and even though it is a good ways outside the heart of San Diego it is still hard to find an affordable place to live.

At age of 18 the Navy brought Michale Turner to San Diego and it is where he chose to raise his family.

“I love San Diego for all of the right reasons, like anybody else. I believe it’s a great place to live,” Turner said.

Turner said he does not want to leave, but the cost of living has forced him to think about it.

For the past six months he, his wife and 15-year-old son have been searching for a home in the Vista area.

“We’re looking at rentals, but we’re looking at purchases also in Vista and neither is more rosy than the other,” Turner said.

Turner said the average rental price they have seen is about $2,400 dollars, but other places they have looked at are well over that price.

“It’s really a frustrating process. It’s really eye opening. The housing shortage in San Diego County is real,” Turner said. “We have a combined family income of around $100-125,000 dollars, which is not a lot, but you would think we would be able to find something to at least afford to buy here.”

Through the search is frustrating he is trying to keep a positive attitude, hoping that local and state lawmakers will find a solution to the housing crisis sooner rather than later.

“I believe with the technology we have right now. With the information we have right now there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to address the housing shortage that we have here in San Diego County,” Turner said. “Everyone should have access to the basic human needs and housing is one of those basic human needs. We all need somewhere to stay. To live. To raise our families.”

Turner said his family wants to be in Vista because that is where his son currently goes to school. He said if they cannot find something inside the city limits they will have to look outside, which means a longer commute.