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Kay Black is a Remarkable Women – San Diego finalist.

SAN DIEGO — Remarkable Women finalist Kay Black spends much of her time serving her community with the goal of making sure the younger generation is inspired to dream and believe.

Black calls herself a “hope dealer.”

“A hope dealer is one who opens the door to all kinds of possibilities — imaginations, dreams — anything is possible if you just speak it,” Black said to FOX 5.

Creating community empowerment events, Black uses all of her free time investing in children and communities who lack opportunities and resources.

“‘Cause once we leave this behind, they’re the ones that’s going to take it over and I really want to do as much as I can as they’re transitioning to take our place,” Black said.

Planning the events are a challenge, having to find the funding and the team to make it happen. But Kay says it’s all worth it.

“Once we get back the chaos of planning, it’s honestly really fulfilling and satisfying just seeing a child like, ‘wow, this is for us,’ and then there’s people who look like us doing these things like, ‘I could be that.'”

But for Black, it’s just what she loves to do, and being honored and recognized for it now is hard for her to believe.

“I don’t think it’s really set in yet, it’s super surreal,” Black said. “So I’m just honored to have this opportunity to stand here with you guys to speak, to share my story. This is amazing.”