Reckless DUI suspect surrenders after stealing CHP cruiser

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ROSAMOND, Calif. -- A reckless DUI suspect involved in a police chase in northern Antelope Valley stole a California Highway Patrol vehicle before surrendering to authorities Wednesday evening, KTLA reports.

The pursuit started about 5:07 p.m. somewhere in Palmdale before the driver got onto the northbound 14 Freeway, speeding at such a high rate that authorities called off the pursuit, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Lt. Derrick Ballentine said.

Before the chase ended at 6:15 p.m., Sky5 captured the driver crash a pickup driver as patrol cars followed and then steal a CHP vehicle, fleeing from officers through winding dirt roads in the High Desert for about 20 minutes.

Authorities said the pursuit driver had already struck several patrol cars before Sky5 was overhead.

At 5:53 p.m., as Sky5 was over the chase, the truck drove straight through a sharp turn and disappeared into clouds of dust as it crashed in a vast and empty dirt area.

Two people emerged from the wreckage and the driver was seen grabbing onto the other person, who had stepped out of the passenger side door. He wrapped both his arms around them as they walked a few steps for about 30 seconds.

He continued holding onto the person with one arm until suddenly running away.

Moments later, the pursuit driver ran toward a CHP car he found parked on the side of a nearby road. He got into the patrol car just two minutes after the crash.

With the patrol car's emergency lights on, the suspect took off and later swerved onto a dirt road. He kept driving along several other unpaved roadways, traveling on dirt roads and sometimes off-roading.

At one point, he drove directly past another CHP vehicle as an officer stood just outside the car along the dirt road. Seconds later, he drove off that road and cut across an area of the desert before getting back on the road.

He was speeding down the dirt road again when he again drove off of it and onto desert vegetation at 6:13 p.m. While just several feet from a road he was driving toward, the driver got stuck. Clouds of smoke and dust arose from the car's rear as he appeared to rev his engine a number of times.

He got out of the car, ran for a few feet and just a few seconds passed before an unmarked, white patrol car pulled up and parked next to him. He was seen getting down and lying face-down on the ground as an officer emerged from the car and walked toward him with a firearm raised.

The suspect was seen being taken into custody just minutes later after another patrol car drove up to the scene.

KTLA's Nidia Becerra contributed to this report.

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