Video shows men damaging razor wire on border fence


Razor wire on border fence

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BORDER FIELD STATE PARK, Calif. — Newly-released video from U.S. Customs & Border Protection taken by thermal-image cameras at the border shows men trying to climb over the fence near the beach Wednesday night.

The video shows the men trying to kick free damaged razor wire that had just been installed as part of reinforcements for border security in advance of the arrival of migrant caravans in Tijuana.

Just a day before, there were large groups of people at the barrier — some climbing, sitting, even walking on the fence.

“Anything that was damaged in the previous days is being fixed, and we’re taking care of that,” said Border Patrol Agent Tekae Michael.

More than 1,700 migrants have arrived in Tijuana since Sunday.

Agents who have been watching crowds on the south side have, at times, come under attack.

“There are some individuals from the south side throwing objects over to the north side. That is a threat that is still there,” said Michael. “They are throwing them at Border Patrol agents and also the military securing the infrastructure.”

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