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SAN DIEGO — A San Diego city councilwoman is calling for a temporary ban on electric scooters following a series of three serious accidents.

Dean Rigott’s life changed in an instant Saturday, when his wife fell off a scooter and hit her head at Liberty Station. “My wife took one hand off the scooter came to a screeching halt – the handlebars moved to the left she fell and smashed her skull.”

She remains under heavy sedation at UCSD Medical Center, suffering with eight skull fractures, a brain bleed and swelling.

A 25-year-old man fractured his skull in similar crash Sunday in East Village, and a 35-year-old man suffered a serious head injury when he crashed downtown on Monday night.

San Diego City Councilwoman and President Pro tem Barbara Bry has been leading the charge to try and address the ongoing debate over dockless scooters and bikes, calling for a moratorium or temporary ban to give city leaders more time to come up with a solution. She says it has become obvious the new regulations that took affect July 1 were not working.

“It was clear to me they were out of control,” said Bry. “I drove down Mission Boulevard and I saw them everywhere – over the sidewalk blocking pedestrians and blocking handicapped people.  I saw a similar chaos downtown.”

But her biggest concern is public safety and serious injuries.

Rigott says, scooters are a hazard and need to go. “They’re an unsafe nuisance that are being portrayed as something that’s valuable for the city,” he said.