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Rancho San Diego residents give input on proposed sand mine

SAN DIEGO — Dozens of East County residents concerned about a proposal to turn a golf course into a 10-year sand mining operation in Rancho San Diego spoke out Monday night at a community meeting.

The property owner is proposing to turn the west side of Cottonwood Golf Course, which was purchased in 2015, into a sand mining operation with plans to later repurpose the land for recreation or development.

Nearby residents who oppose the proposal are not happy with its proximity to homes, schools and other established developments and have formed a group called Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine.

At the meeting, which was run by San Diego County, no one spoke out in favor of the project. But a long list of concerns from community members included degrading the quality of the environment, creating traffic safety hazards and harming air and water quality.

Although the project is in a very early stage, people can give their input during a county-mandated 30-day period for public comment.

Developers were not at the meeting but will take the feedback into consideration before conducting an environmental impact report, which is the next step in the process.

The public has until Nov. 22 to submit any comments about this project in writing to the county.