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SAN DIEGO — More than 2,300 patients may have been impacted by a data breach at Rady Children’s Hospital between June 2019 and January 2020, the hospital said.

The hospital’s investigation into the security breach revealed patient radiology information was accessed without authorization for as many as 2,360 patients between June 20, 2019, and Jan. 3, 2020, according to a news release.

Rady Children’s Hospital discovered the breach on Jan. 3 and found on Feb. 5 that specific patients’ personal information was accessed through some kind of Internet port.

The accessed information did not include Social Security numbers, credit card information or radiology reports (including imaging and diagnoses). However, Rady Children’s Hospital said the breach did include patient names, genders, the kinds of radiology studies that were ordered for patients and when those studies were ordered.

In some cases, the accessed information also included details like the patient’s date of birth, medical record number, the names of their parents or guardians, descriptions of the radiology reports ordered on their behalf or the name of the doctor who ordered the reports, the hospital said.

Rady Children’s Hospital said it is in the process of notifying the patients who have been affected and their families, as well as relevant state and federal agencies.

Patients with questions about the data breach were asked to contact the hospital at 844-902-2025.