Puppy found with quarter-sized rubber band squeezing neck

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ENCINITAS, Calif. – An underweight 3-month-old puppy was being cared for by a foster family after it was found with a deep wound around her neck due to a rubber band, the Rancho Coastal Humane Society announced Tuesday.

Believed to be a Labrador retriever mix, Bindy was dropped off last week at the county Department of Animal Services. Workers saw a deep cut around her neck and discovered the rubber band deep in her skin after they shaved some fur.

Kathy Zerkle, vice president of Adoption Services at the Humane Society, said county Animal Services employees took action that saved Bindy’s life. The rubber band was slightly larger around than a quarter, she said.

“Puppies grow fast,” Zerkle said. “The owner might have forgotten about the rubber band or thought it would break when the puppy outgrew it. That’s not what happened.

“As Bindy grew, the rubber band cut into her neck. By the time they dropped her off at (county Animal Services), she was underweight, had a deep wound all the way around her neck, and is having difficulty standing on her hind legs.”

Bindy has been cared for in a foster home, her health is being monitored regularly, and she’s being given exercises to strengthen her back legs, Rancho Coastal Humane Society officials said.

They said if all goes according to plan, Bindy will be available for adoption starting at Wednesday at 11 a.m. at their facility.

Adoption information is available online at online, by calling 760-753-6413 or by going to the Humane Society at 389 Requeza St. in Encinitas.

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