Public transportation rides increase by over 1M in 6 months


SAN DIEGO — Ridership of the Metropolitan Transit System has increased 1.2 million trips in the last 6 months, officials said Tuesday.

The spike has been led by the trolley, which saw a 9% jump in ridership in September.

MTS has not seen this level of ridership since 2015.

β€œLast month we increased service on the UC San Diego Blue Line due to high demand, and we will continue to do those types of things operationally to keep the momentum,” said Paul Jablonski, MTS Chief executive officer.

Trolley ridership increased by over 750,000 passenger trips in six months, MTS said.

Some reasons for the increase include Free Ride Day on October 2 and an optimization plan last year that added more rides to routes, MTS said.

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