Protesters want Border Patrol agents charged with murder


Ginger Jacobs attended a downtown rally demanding justice for Anatasio Hernandez who was killed by border patrol agents more than five years ago

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SAN DIEGO -- About 100 people gathered in front of the federal courthouse to protest a recent ruling by the Department of Justice not to prosecute a group of Border Patrol agents in connection with the death of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas.

Five-and-a-half year ago, Hernandez was in the process of being deported when a group of agents started beating, kicking and using tasers to subdue him. The agents also stripped Hernandez of his clothing, claiming he was being combative. Video taken with a phone showed Hernandez on the floor handcuffed pleading with the agents to stop. Hernandez died at a hospital three days later.

Those images were examined by the Justice Department, which ruled there wasn't enough evidence to send the agents to court for murder.

"It could've been anyone of us, as Americans and as free people, we can't stand for it, otherwise we'll be a police state, not what our founding fathers wanted, not what people who fought in World War II wanted like my father," said Anthony Catanese, who attended the rally.

Both the Justice Department and the Border Patrol refused to comment about the decision not to prosecute the agents.

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