Protesters rally against Kavanaugh confirmation in La Jolla, downtown

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SAN DIEGO -- Protests were organized in cities all across the country following Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the US Supreme Court Saturday, including two here in San Diego on Sunday.

Rallies in La Jolla and in downtown San Diego conveyed anger at Kavanaugh’s appointment, with organizers saying it will lead to not only women, but also other groups losing their rights.

“We are not happy and we are going to do something about it,” said Adrian Wilson, who was protesting in La Jolla.

Protesters holding signs and chanting in protest told FOX 5 that they are angry at what Kavanaugh means for the future of issues in the country.

“I’m physically sick by being let down by our country,” said Jessie Levey.

“I think for many who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault, it’s hurtful,” added another protester, Heather Harrington. “I have two daughters and I feel (this) for myself, but I feel mostly for them."

“A preponderance of old white men and a few old white women who are completely out of touch imposed a decision that’s going to effect all of us. It’s a supreme injustice. Devastating miscarriage of justice,” said Bill Evans.

Demonstrators downtown said the selection process and decision to appoint Kavanaugh is biased against women.

A member of the International Socialist Organization Claire Douglas said it’s troubling that a man accused of sexual assault can be appointed to the highest court in the land.  She said it is an attack on women’s rights and so much more.

“They want to attack women’s rights to choose, to control their bodies, but they also want to attack labor rights, they also want to attack the rights of immigrants, and they want to attack the rights of people of color. That’s what Kavanaugh stands for. Kavanaugh is just one part of this, the absolute undemocratic system that rules over all of us everyday," Douglas said.

Douglas was pleased with the turnout at both locations and said this protest won’t be the last. She's calling on everyone to use their voice to speak out and stand up for what they believe.

“Regardless of who is sitting in the White House, regardless of who is on the Supreme Court, what actually moves things forward and actually puts pressure on the people at the top is the social movements from below," Douglas told FOX 5.

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