Proposed recycling plant met with controversy

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — A proposal to build a recycling plant in the Twin Oaks area of Escondido was met with resistance from concerned homeowners during a public meeting Tuesday night.

The facility, proposed by Hilltop Group Inc., would be located off Mesa Rock Road. The site is less than a mile away from houses and residential areas. Some homeowners have been speaking out against the proposal for years.

“This is rural residential and they’re going to put a high industrial business in like that? Not right,” homeowner Nancie Froning told FOX 5.

Froning was one of many residents who showed up at Tuesday’s meeting. She says she’s not only concerned about the project itself, but also how it’s getting pushed through.

“We were guaranteed and told from the Planning Commission back in September 2015 that they were going to be required to do an ERI,” said Froning. “We have the paperwork! Now all of a sudden no ERI is required.”

The county says the project is eligible for approval and meets all the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act. Still, residents like Froning have voiced concerns including air quality and noise.

“Please give us more time,” Froning said. “Please reconsider this and make an EIR happen.”

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