Tiger rescued from Greek zoo dies at Alpine shelter

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SAN DIEGO – A tiger, who was brought to San Diego after it was found neglected at a zoo outside Athens, has died.

Phevos, a 17-year-old male tiger, was euthanized last week by veterinarians at the Lions Tigers & Bears sanctuary in Alpine, the Los Angeles Times reported.  His death came after weeks of a slow, painful decline that veterinarians were unable to stop, according to a statement released Friday.

“He had progressively shown signs of pain and became increasingly withdrawn from his normal interests and activities,” said Jane Meier, the sanctuary’s lead veterinarian. “His appetite had steadily decreased, making our abilities to provide pain medication difficult.”

Phevos was brought to Lions Tigers & Bears in December after an airlift that took 20 hours, the Times reported. The trip was financed by a British animal-care activist alarmed at reports of Phevos’ condition and the death of another tiger at the same zoo.

A memorial for Phevos is scheduled for Oct. 3 at the sanctuary, 40 miles east of San Diego.

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